Andrea deStefano Team | SimpliSafe: How Does It Compare?
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SimpliSafe: How Does It Compare?

SimpliSafe: How Does It Compare?

I’m always on the hunt for innovative companies who do things differently within their industry.  When I encounter these trailblazers, I almost always embrace their product with excitement.  As a real estate professional, I look for products and services I can recommend to my clients, and one such company is SimpliSafe.  How can I possibly get excited about a home security system you might ask?  Simply put (no pun intended), it is pretty amazing. SimpliSafe has completely turned the home security industry upside down, rethought the basics, put it back together, and now ship it directly to your door.  What makes SimpliSafe so amazing?


I hate contracts, and SimpliSafe doesn’t do them. Unlike other security companies, SimpliSafe is month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime.  Their monitoring rates are cheap as well, starting at $14.99.  I opted for the iPhone app control and added a camera to my system which brings my monthly total to $29.98 including monitoring. The one small downside is that you purchase the security system which requires some upfront cost.  Systems start at around $350 and go up depending on how many doors and windows you have.  But once you purchase it, you own it!  No lease and no contract.


I have to admit that I was a little nervous at the thought of installing my own alarm system.  I was waiting for the 110-decibel siren to start blaring, infuriating the neighbors.  But installation is beyond easy.  A Siri-like voice walks you through the entire process and within 20 minutes I had the entire system up and running.  Sensors are attached to doors and windows with 3M double-sided tape. You just peel off the backing and line up the sensors, and the base station tells you when you have it correctly installed via voice confirmation.  There’s no drilling since the entire system works with batteries that last for about five years.


Rent or think you’ll be moving soon?  SimpliSafe can be uninstalled just as easily. You can remove the sensors, keypad, and other components by peeling off the command strips which are designed to avoid damaging walls and doors.

After living with my SimpliSafe alarm for the last month, I can confidently recommend the system to anyone.  What surprised me the most about SimpliSafe?  I installed the alarm system entirely on my own and have never made a single call to customer support for any reason.  That small fact speaks to their innovation and product.  They’ve literally thought of everything, and I’m confident ADT isn’t thrilled about it.  Give them a try, and as SimpliSafe says…”live safely.”

For more information about SimpliSafe, visit their website at