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Experience on your side.

Finding a house, selecting a piece of land, or building a new home should be experiences that are filled with excitement, anticipation and joy. Too often, though, they can become times of frustration or uncertainty. It simply doesn’t need to be that way. With over 35 years of combined experience in the real estate sales and marketing field, plus a wealth of knowledge of home construction, we can help you navigate the process of buying a home. It’s a unique combination of experiences that we bring to the table to help you move forward with confidence.

A Powerful Partnership

The process of buying a home is an investment for all of us. You’ll be investing your trust in us to lead you through each step and provide critical information that will help guide your decisions. As your agents, we will invest the time and resources to help you find properties that meet your needs, provide you with expert data to formulate an offer price, and help you navigate the complex process of purchasing your dream home. It all works best when we both have our eyes on the same goals and are working closely together to reach them.

Linda, Andrea deStefano and Lexie Smith

A Team you can trust

Our team works hard to ensure you’ll has a pleasant buying experience with the Andrea Destefano Team by displaying honesty, loyalty and professionalism throughout our time together. Each realtor is dedicated to being honest with you through every step in the buying process.

We will be your professional advocates, representing your interests and your interests only, as well as keeping each client’s personal information confidential. Your needs are what’s most important to us, so we fight each day to deliver exactly what our clients are looking for, so you’ll enjoy the experience along the way.

Every client will benefit from the expert advice and experience the Andrea deStefano Team provides through each step of the buying process. We will bring to the table strategies on pricing, writing offers and negotiations, among others, to ensure you find your dream home. We possess strong negotiation skills, quick problem-solving skills and display a high level of client service.

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